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American Dryer Laundry Parts. While doing laundry can often feel like a mundane pursuit, the innovators at American Dryer Corp turn drying clothes into an artform. From eco-friendly front-loaders to massive industrial tumblers to hanging dry cabinets for work uniforms, American Dryer is introducing new ways to get your clothes ready to wear. In short, there is nothing dry about this dryer company. Find all ADC laundry parts in our extensive catalog.

Since 1965, ADC has prided itself on being a responsive, responsible commercial laundry parts manufacturer. Boasting many top innovations including energy-efficient models and more breathable drums with better airflow, ADC continues to be the first to market on many top features. Currently, the company has seven models in its Solaris line, designed to reduce energy usage and provide savings of up to 30 percent. And while other companies have carved out nice regional or national territories, ADC has cultivated an international customer base through up-to-the-minute customer service and over 45 years of experience.

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