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LG Commercial Laundry Systems

We know having reliable laundry equipment is necessary for your business. LG is the most recognized brand in the United States and voted #1 in FRONT LOAD laundry equipment 5 years running. LG Commercial Laundry Equipment uses the same utilities and fits in the same space as your current equipment, making it the best choice for your laundry needs.

Downloadable LG Specifications Sheet


  • 413 G-Force Extract
  • 4.2 cu.ft. Drum Capacity
  • Inverter DirectDrive™ Motor
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub

More Efficient

Tier 3 Energy Star Qualification
Saving time, money and energy plays an important role in the environment. LG Commecial Laundry models are Tier 3 ENERGY STAR qualified, the highest rating in efficiency. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified commercial equipment for your laundry facilities will save you a significant amount of money and provide your business with the best laundry performance possible.

Large 4.2 Cubic Foot Capacity Embossed Inner Drum
The surface of the embossed inner drum increases the amount of contact with the fabric. This creates a better washing action and removes more dirt and stains. This effect helps to separate dirt and stains from the fabric and give clothes a deeper clean.

More Durable

Inverter DirectDrive™ Motor
Combined rotation and weight center: the motor is directly attached to the center of the drum. This allows for increased stability, minimal vibration, less noise- no frictional noise, increased durability, no wear out and fewer parts- the belt and pulley have been removed.

LG Commercial Laundry products endure at least 20,000 cycles. Supreme technology used in LG Commercial Laundry Systems increases reliability and stability enabling it to withstand extreme conditions. Considering most residential washers can only endure 3,000 cycles, it is proven to be the most reliable machine.

NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub
The rust free stainless steel drum prevents clothes from staining at all times. Unlike normal painted drums, where the paint tends to chip after long usage, the scratch resistant stainless steel drum and pulsator will last you a very long time.

Triple Damper Vibration Reduction
Three dampers are positioned in a three dimensional way to absorb vibrations and deliver a quieter operation. Based on independent testing, LG front load washers and dryers are some of the quietest in their class.

Easy Programming
Intuitive programming mode allows operators to choose and change a variety of functions and programs including price, cycle time, cycle parameter, spin speed and more. This ensures that all your washing requirements are met.

More Intelligent

Easy Repair System
If something is wrong with the machine, it can easily be opened without force. Just simply pull out the front panel and top cover. Most repairs are possible with just the top cover is opened.