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Shop the best-in-quality large nylon laundry bags. From Standard denier, to Heavy Duty, to Premium – all built extra tough, with locking closure, and available in a variety of colors.

Item numbers #NBAGLG, #NBAGLG-200, #NBAGLG-210

Perfect For All Your Laundromat & Laundry Business Needs

Commercial Laundry Bags

Large Nylon Laundry Bags- Size 30in X 40in. Sold by the dozen, in assorted colors.

Colors included: red, blue, navy, green, yellow, black.
Size: 30″x40″
Fabric: nylon high density.
HIGH DENSITY AND EXTRA TOUGH: – Strong double-seam construction and nylon material prevents the bag tears from spreading; Plastic head at the end of the rope to make the drawstring not easy to unravel.
ULTRA LARGE CAPACITY – Measure 30″ x40″ per piece; This size is big enoughfor holding 5~6 loads of laundry for each, storage in the college dorm or family use.
EASY CLOSURE: – A locking drawstring closure can prevent the spill of items and tietheknot after close can keep the clothes more safe and secure in the bag while carrying laundry
USES: – Great choice for sleep away summer camp, kids can hold week period dirty clothes and take them back home, easily folded flat for future use. Multipurpose bags also can storage your bedding, towels, off season clothes, toys, blankets, pillows.
QUALITY: strong double stitching, holds up well in the washer and dryer. Secure drawstring slider to close neatly without tying.
CONVENIENT: Large enough to fit laundry hampers or baskets. Just pull out the laundry bag instead of carrying the whole hamper.
PORTABLE: Take it to the laundromat, throw it down the stairs to the laundry room or useit to easily separate your dirty clothes while traveling.
VERSATILE: These laundry bags can also be used as storage bags for comforters, blankets and stuffed animals, or keep some in the car to transport your kids sports gear.
ATTRACTIVE: Nice and modern with a large selection of rich beautiful colors. 

Available in Standard, Heavy Duty, & Premium

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